OS X: Add new Reminder to Reminders.app using Automator Service

Reminders Application IconI found myself not so satisfied with Wunderlist, as it started to cause some troubles with high CPU load on my Mac. At this time, Apple started shipping OS X Mountain Lion and included the great Reminders.app with it! So I gave it a try… and stayed loyal to the Reminders.app until today (thanks to it’s iCloud sync).

So this is an adaption of my previously posted Automator Service to add Text as Tasks to Wunderlist.app. I adjusted the Automator Service to do the same for the Reminders.app:
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OS X: create an ISO disk image

OS X Leopard Terminal IconIn OS X it is fairly simple to create a virtual disk image of the type “ISO” by using built-in UNIX tools and the Terminal.app. Unfortunately the Disk Utility.app doesn’t allow the creation of ISO images for all disks (it may work sometime).

Here’s what you need to do in order to create an ISO disk image from a CD or DVD on your Mac:

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OS X: how-to store files password protected on a USB drive

Secure USB Drive LogoIt’s still one of the easiest ways to get someone’s data when you get your hands on a USB stick. It’s quite interesting, what you find on these portable drives – whether it’s from a friend or a business contact. There are serveral ways to protect yourself better by encrypting and password locking the drives. Sometimes there’s a preinstalled software on the USB drive available for that – but mostly not.

So in case you are a OS X user and you want to protect your USB drive with a password protected & encrypted drive, I have a short how-to here showing how you can achieve this really easy using standard tools on your Mac!

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Using Automator to quickly access a website – TV show episode list example

Automator IconAutomator itself is a really powerful tool for automating recurring tasks in OS X. Unfortunately it’s still not really something regular Mac users are using for making tasks and working in OS X more efficient. If you add the powerful AppleScript into Automator you can even get much more out of it, but of course this requires some basic programming knowledge.

I always hate spending time on manual tasks, which I think should somehow be automated. Why not let computers do work more for you?

One of my most recent ideas is an Automator application combined with some basic AppleScripting in order to open a particular website. But not just like a static shortcut, but adding some flexibility. The following example will show you, how to directly open the Wikipedia page containing the List of Episodes of a given TV show. Think outside the box in order to adapt this for many other uses.

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