Gaming Music pimped

Spotify LogoThere are not many Games out there with epic in-game Music. Fortunately, the default music can be muted so you can play your preferred songs in the background.

This applies also to Serious Sam 3 and Diablo 3 in my opinion. So I took a few minutes to compile my own “Soundtrack Compilations” for those two games on Spotify. You can access an subscribe to these playlist simply using below links:

This should definitely add some more epic background music when slaying or shooting through the games ;) Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Gaming Music pimped

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  2. @Dikk: Serious Sam has too little Metal music which one needs when slaying hordes and hordes of aliens ;) If you checked out the playlist I posted, you will see it’s far from a “Soundtrack” replacement, but more for play experience boosting :)

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