Getting myself into a Christmas mood

Merry ChristmasHere are a few things that I totally need in order to be in a perfect christmas mood:

There must be snow!

  1. Walking in the snow (best at night when it is snowing)
  2. Eating Swiss Fondue/Raclette in a cosy hut (walking there through the snow :))
  3. Drinking “Glühwein” (mulled wine) outside in the cold, snowy streets
  4. Visiting Swiss mountain towns where there is lots of snow (Davos, Klosters, Saas Fee, Bergün, Brigels/Laax/Flims, Appenzell, etc.)
  5. Going skiing or sledging in the Swiss mountains

Winter Landscape

Enjoying Winter menus (beside the classical Fondue & Raclette of course)

  1. “Gerstensuppe” (barley soup)
  2. “Älpler Magronen” (maccaroni with cheese, potatoes, bacon & onions)
  3. Tiramisu with tangerines & cinnamon

Christmas Food

Watching one of below movies when it is snowing outside

  1. “Home Alone” (“Kevin allein Zuhaus”)
  2. “Groundhog Day” (“Und täglich grüsst das Murmeltier”)
  3. “Dumb & Dumber” (“Dumm & Dümmer”)
  4. “Die Hard 2”
  5. “Gremlins 1”

Listening to this music while cooking or eating christmas food

  1. “Last Christmas” by Hilary Duff
  2. “Simply having a wonderful Christmas time” by Paul McCartney
  3. “The Little Drummer Boy” by Johnny Cash with Neil Young
  4. “Carol of the Bells” by the Boston Pops Ochestra (btw. heard in Home Alone :))
  5. “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” by many, many different singers

So how do you prepare yourself for Christmas?

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