OS X: How-to remove unknown Login Items

I noticed recently, that I had a grayed out item named “Unknown” in my login items list in OS X Lion, even indicated with a warning icon next to it. But I couldn’t remove this – obviously missing – item from the list, because the removal icon (-) below the login item list was grayed out/deactivated.

OSX Unknown Login Item

After browsing the web a bit, I surprisingly found a solution to remove such items on Apple’s support website itself: just reboot your Mac into Safe Mode (hold down the Shift key when starting up) – and the broken login item will be gone automatically afterwards! It seems like OS X cleans up such things on a Safe Boot – and I am happy again 🙂

5 thoughts on “OS X: How-to remove unknown Login Items

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  2. My MBP is showing the same thing. I was hoping the same for work for my Mac but no dice. Seems I’ll having to keep digging but thanks for sharing the tip – it was worth a shot.

  3. If you find another solution, it would be interesting to know. For myself, the “unknown” login items still keep returning from time to time, but the described fix works (temporarily) for me.

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