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Yes I admit, I use Google Search a lot – it’s my default and preferred search engine on most of my devices and computers. I do regularly use DuckDuckGo Search – but often, especially when phrasing more unspecific searches – Google just gives better results (meaning, sometimes I search something and Google shows me with the FIRST result what I was looking for, whereas DuckDuckGo seems NOT to understand what I was searching for at all 🙂 ).

What I appreciate most about Google Search is just how extensive it is in providing accurate information to queries, where I am only looking for a certain specific information, rather than various result pages to websites. In this post I’m showing you some of my favourites – some of which I use almost daily.

Currency converter

Using a simple search query in Google, you can convert any amount in one currency to another, whereas Google takes the current/today’s exchange rate:
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Did you know that the Reminders App in OS X has intelligent text interpretation? (example inside)

Apple’s very own, available on OS X, iOS and iCloud, comes with a very neat yet helpful feature: intelligent interpretation of a new reminder/to-do text!

What does this mean?
Look at below examples: when you type a new reminder and include date & time in the text, the Reminders App will automatically recognize this as the due date of the new reminder and update the entry accordingly. This is not only much simpler and faster than setting due dates manually, but also more natural.

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Using Twitter? Enable your free personal Twitter statistics!

Twitter Analytics LogoJust recently I found out about the awesome Twitter Statistics that you can activate for your Tweets. With this feature, Twitter gives you great insights about the reach and interactions of every single Tweet you publish – and of course sums it all up in a nice Dashboard. And the best: it comes at no costs!

Here are the 2 simple steps how you can turn on the Twitter Analytics on your account:

  1. Go to the Twitter Analytics homepage at
  2. Login with your Twitter account
  3. Done, Twitter Analytics are now activated for your Twitter account!

How can I verify, that Twitter Analytics is working?

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Safari OS X: Fix Facebook web login buttons not working anymore

Facebook Web Login Button broken - Icon
Since some time I noticed an issue with Safari 8 on OS X 10.10 Yosemite and Facebook Single-Sign-On Login Buttons on websites not working anymore. Basically on all sites which are providing the possibility to log in using your Facebook account, such as or and many others, I wasn’t able to log in anymore…

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Google Pretty Earth: Random Image Link Generator (HTML)


Returns only existing, direct links to static Google’s Earth View (Pretty Earth) images.

Game Boy Cheats & Codes for Bionic Commando, Power Quest & Megalit


Here are some cheats & codes for three old Game Boy games I achieved to retrieve a long time ago. The only purpose of this blog post is, that I can finally throw away the paper notes I took many, many years ago 🙂

Bionic Commando

  • ◯ △ △ ⬚ ◯ ◯
    ◯ ◯ ⬚ ⬚ ▢ ◯
    △ ◯ ▢ ▢ ▢ △
    ⬚ ⬚ △ ⬚ ▢ ⬚
  • ◯ △ △ ▢ ◯ △
    △ ⬚ ⬚ ◯ ◯ ◯
    ▢ △ ◯ ⬚ ⬚ △
    ▢ ◯ ▢ △ ◯ ◯

Power Quest

  • 3 X H 7
    V W H Q
    3 1 H P
  • 5 1 Q M
    L 0 H 6
    5 1 R 7


  • 1-9-4-3
  • 4-1-7-7
  • 1-2-4-5
  • 3-6-6-5
  • 6-7-9-9

OS X Yosemite: stop iPhoto from launching when connecting an iOS device

iPhoto LogoI recently installed the new OS X 10.10 Yosemite and this new behavior really startet getting on my nerves: whenever I connected my iPhone or iPad to the Mac, it always launched iPhoto! I checked the iPhoto settings and felt like I had turned everything off related to this behavior… Turns it, I hadn’t.

In order to prevent iPhoto from launching in OS X 10.10 Yosemite when connecting an iOS device, make sure you change the following 2 settings are set to “No application”.
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